Maria WeberGreetings from Maria Weber and Piñon Valley Creative. I’ve established this site to share some of my creative life with you. As resident in central Colorado near the Arkansas River, I’m in love with the natural beauty of the valley, and I express that through my creative writing, art and pottery. Each day I feel grateful to be living in my home with a husband and two cats, on this jewel of a planet in a stupendous cosmos. My blog, Earth, Air, Fire and Ink, reflects my life in this nook of the world.


Maria Weber and MotherIn 2010, I’ll Be There to Write the Story: A Mother-Daughter Journey Beyond Death was published by Piñon Valley Press, a memoir about my spiritual journey, with communication from my mother on the Other Side. The book carries the reader into the realm of signs from the spirit world, symbols from a departed mother, synchronicity as proof, and expressive art. Some wonder if an afterlife relationship can be established, if old hurts can be healed, with one who has died—the answer is yes. You can communicate with a departed loved one. There is an afterlife connection. I learned you can transform your mother-daughter relationship after death—I did it. So can you. The memoir includes a workbook with “try-this-at-home” exercises and references to resources and suggested readings. Mothers and daughters enjoy this book. Some men have also found it a moving experience. Artists and poets enjoy this story, which demonstrates the healing power of poetry and art.

“With raw honesty and most riveting and courageous storytelling, Maria describes the powerful healing between herself and her mother, after her mother had passed. If you read one book all year, let it be this one.”
– Mary Soliel, author of I Can See Clearly Now: How Synchronicity Illuminates Our Lives.

What's Left PoetryPoetry

I write monthly with the Shavano Poets Society in Salida, a chapter of the Columbine Poets of Colorado. In 2012, the Shavanos published its 20th anniversary anthology, A Parade of Poets—Shavano Poets Society, available on Amazon. Two of my poems are included in that anthology. My poetry chapbook, What’s Left – Mother-Daughter Poems was published in 2012 by Green Fuse Poetic Arts. I’ve also had poetry published in Colorado Central Magazine, Story Circle Journal, The Mountain Gazette, and a number of other anthologies.

“Many authors write of parents as that relationship ages and perspective is gained, often with the death of one or both parents, but rarely do the parents write back. And yet this is exactly what is found in Maria Weber’s What’s Left. In this brave and unusual poetry chapbook we listen in as mother and daughter talk over the years, over the decades, over lifetimes, beyond lifetimes.”
– Green Fuse Poetic Arts.


Automatic WritingMy passion for automatic drawing amped up when I was writing the memoir about the relationship with my poet-mother. Included in my book is a workbook of creative writing and art exercises. In my home studio, I offer day-long creative art adventures using Touch Drawing and automatic drawing exercises with paints, greeting card making with watercolors and collage, jewelry making, and “design your own pottery platter.” Mini workshops include writing intentions and tapping into intuition through music.

 “Maria’s book is a treasure trove of information on automatic drawing, and it includes a workbook with exercises for those who want to try their hand at it. She has gone where few dare to go.”
– Elaine Soto, Ph.D., Psychologist and Artist.


Weber Bassett potteryMy husband Jim Bassett and I met through pottery over thirty years ago and have continued making and selling it through a number of outlets in Colorado. We operate out of a home studio with an electric and a propane kiln, using stoneware clay fired to 2300 degrees. Our functional ware is glazed with a palette of bright colors. When the mood strikes, we create wild and crazy masks to hang on patio walls.

“Maria is drawn to organic leafy shapes. Jim has an excellent eye for design and ornamentation. Some are thrown on a wheel; some are extruded; and some are made from flat slabs of clay . . A walk down Main Street will be well worth anyone’s time if for no other reason than to see their work.”
– Sue Snively in an article for The Chaffee County Times.

Story Circly NetworkBlog

My blog, Earth, Air, Fire & Ink, received an award in November, 2013, from Story Circle Network. SCN featured my “outstanding blog” in the November, 2013 SCN national eletter. The organization awarded me a Star Blogger badge that appears on each blog that I post.

“Maria says she not only writes about the creative process, but about her own journey through life, making her blog timely, interesting, and sweetly intimate.”
– SCN’s comment about my blog in the November 2013 eletter.